Publicado: Mon, 21 Oct, 2013

Cuba is getting old

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Feria de cuentapropistas -2Santiago de las Vegas, October. In Cuba, according to the official data, life expectancy at birth is 78 years; but that means that the population is older and older every time … Out of the over 11 million inhabitants, two millions are over 60 years, a situation that will persist in the future because of the life standards in the island.

The population aging rates are higher, while the demographic growth is one of the lowest in the world.

Poverty, among many other social problems affecting the Cuban people is one of the reasons why Cubans have decided to have less children which brings about that at present 14, 5 % of the population is over 60, a figure that seems will be increased in the near future.

From the above reality it may be deduced that the attention and care of these persons will be more complex and that the health and social security systems with the intervention of State bodies and institutions will have to examine the programs for the protection of the older to be kept according to the circumstances in a preventive and continuos way.

Today it is very common to see old people with a dreadful physical appearance begging on the streets or alcoholic cases. It is very frequent to see them sleeping on the doorways and nobody worried about the causes which took them to such a terrible situation. Nobody could deny it is a big challenge to overcome, but the families will have to play their roles as main responsibles for the old to allow these persons to get to these aging stage with life quality where love and respect be the fundamental bases.

As of today, families are increasingly shorter, which implies that thousands of old persons bearly enjoy the company of their relatives; sometimes the children continue the path of their ancestros and adopt new responsibilities. This does not necessarily means they have to separate from their parents, but it happens and old people stay away.

In the worst of the cases are those who are totally alone and abandoned, a fact more often every day. The situation is complex; Cuba has today one of the lowest demographic growth rates in the World, which means a Challenger when the aging rates are higher. In each block at the neighborhoods, half of the inhabitants are over 60 years. And that without including those who are near 50 or more.

Why the Cuban families don´t want to have children? It seems that even the life expentancy is getting lost in the socialist Cuba.We are taking the risk of being less every minute.Last year census reported 10 000 less citizens if compared to the 2002 census. Maybe some day it will be declared that the Cubans are in danger of extinction.

Por Jorge Alberto Liriano

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  1. Es verdad que se ven tantos viejitos esperando la muerte. Me da tanta tristeza….como ha acabado a Cuba este animal !! DIOS MIO !! Tus cuentos me gustan pero tu English is very weak for an article .me gustaría leerte en neustro idioma.SALUDOS !! Eric,NYC

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