Publicado: Mon, 14 Jul, 2014

Meeting and Senses

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Significados y Sentidos

Havana. As part of this exhibition period graduates of the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), Orlando Perez Almanza exhibited his thesis on Friday June 20 with the play “Meanings and Senses”. The screen printing and video art come together in this exhibition to be hosted until the end of July by the Hispanic-American Center of Culture, in the “House of the Caryatids,” Meadow near Malecon, Havana.

The show is designed by Pérez Almanza formed from words and phrases in the new graduate opinion, “define Cuban history and cultural identity.” It is generating new meanings to these words with the active participation of the viewing public.

The result is a gallery papered with audio visual projections are questioning the motives, meanings and senses of each individual-object as well as the setting in which it is represented.

From a conceptual point of view, shows part of a process of self-present and self-restructuring. Submit rethink the role playing art and the artist in this complex phenomenon, where the media set definitions, repeated ad nauseum, they lose their essence.

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