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History of a peaceful opposition whose lives remain marked by repression

New Way to Vegas, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, April 25, 2014.

Soraida Hernández Pérez is a more of the Cubans. He was born on December 27, 1963 in Santa Clara, poor peasant origin. When his father, Buenaventura Cepero Monteagudo, “Ventura”, took up arms with the anti Escambray guerrillas, had impregnated Charity Ferreira’s mother Soraida Sotolongo. Cepero Monteagudo never met his daughter. He was shot by the army of Fidel Castro in July 1965 to the present, he finalized even refuse to reveal where lie the mortal remains.

After the execution of the elevation father, the family of Ventura objective work of the organs of state security turned. For some time the apparatus of Counterintelligence, CI, maintained an aggressive remark about all their activities, looking for clues that relate to acts against the “revolutionary” communist government.

In addition to the harassment, attempted to influence the relatives of the deceased, trying to quell the anger toward the political system to promote the summary execution of Cepero Monteagudo. Soon others joined disinformation maneuvers. The repressive apparatus began issuing false statements and horror stories about members of these guerrilla rebels, presenting them as evil to the people and families of all prisoners and executed in the area.

Were so strong that the discharged versions, uninformed, people repudiated the guerrillas and the families of the rebels were afraid that for this reason they could encimar any retribution. For this reason the widow of Ventura and Soraida biological mother, recently deceased, to protect the regime, in the same hospital where she gave birth, had to give up for adoption to her newborn daughter. He selected as adoptive Felix Manuel Hernández Ramírez Pérez and Ana Rosa Pérez parents.

The life of the girl took place within the new family. For her, Felix and Ana Rosa was his blood parents until they came of age. Then he met the tragedy that had transformed his life. This reflected the inherited fear something subconsciously nested in it for a long time, feeling that he was hiding something serious.

Shortly after he married and got his own offspring. It was with ups and downs, like many other families. Now his two sons are 32 and 19 years. They also were marked by the long arms of state control, working in the shadows by the people who make the repressive organs. And that persecution could not pursue a career in technical or professional importance.

But the line of Patriot runs through the veins of Soraida. Since 1992 he is an activist of the opposition Movement for Dignity Maceistas, and good time was part of the honorable Ladies in White in Villa Clara. Only his poor health forced her to stop that activity, although it remains supportive of her sisters fight, viéndosele go with them every Sunday to church and pray for the freedom of Cuba. Due to the constant presence of CI audit, and as has never failed to be monitored, has several places of residence and serves on dissimilar features for the sustenance of their own.

The work of the repressive State Security has not been limited to the obsessive watch on her life. Also has touched directly. To his credit include countless arrests, some violently and bumps; records at home with pretexts of alleged criminal offenses, and even a penalty of three years of house arrest for an alleged robbery and illegal slaughter of cattle, taught by two pounds of beef to buy on the black market to feed their children.

This courageous woman is a victim of the Cuban political system. They never received the arms of the mother when she emerged from the womb, nor knew his father, who died in the wall, perhaps without even getting to know you had a daughter.

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