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The AP in Havana prevents investigate OCLAE

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Marcha_de_estudiantes_en_Chile Havana. The correspondent of the Associated Press in Havana, so dedicated to resolve issues of imperialist penetration in Cuba, no notes or write on the mechanism of penetration and subversion of the dictatorship that is the Latin-America and Caribbean Continental Organization of Students, OCLAE , after its initials in Spanish.

As discussed in the corridors of the guild, thanks to records diligently passed the General Intelligence Directorate (DGI) of the dictatorship, in the last four months the Havana correspondent cooperative American media “discovered” cases informal networking telephony Zúnzuneo name, a way to update the Cuban society mechanisms of digital and mobile communication. Also “uncovered” for the arrival of young Latin Americans to the island that Democrats tried to develop themes of leadership and civic activism within the university students from different provinces.

The PA of Havana, so busy in their pursuits to pay debts to Section 21 of the DGSE, ignored the recent interview of President OCLAE, who on Saturday January 9 and put on paper the main task cyber space of this organization, no less responsible for training young students in destabilizing the continent, disorder and the establishment of friendly governments to Havana.

Recently interviewed by the self titled “diary of Cuban youth,” the young guard Ricardo Lugo, who claims that only a year ago is the President of the OCLAE, “on behalf of the Federation of University Students (FEU) of Cuba “, he referred to the next meeting of the organization in Managua, Nicaragua, from 17 to 22 August.

This event will be the number 17 of the front organization of the intelligence services of the dictatorship. And I say screen because the fact that FEU is the immovable president of the organization (1966, 48 years ago), indicates the level of influence they have, and who is the financier behind a project that brings together supposedly to 36 student organizations 23 countries of the continent.

This will take into account that the founding date coincides with the time when the dictatorship of the Castro brothers was more attached to the export strategy of armed revolution and guerrilla focus. And many of the most enthusiastic participants in the pioneering days later died in clashes and skirmishes throughout the continent, trying to implement subversion. Although 48 years passed the founding of this organization profile turbid, it is worth recalling that although they changed paradigms partly tactical, strategic remain relevant.

That made ​​it clear Guard Ricardo Lugo, who is not even clear whether a college student or, more likely, an official of the Union of Young Communists, saying that in his 17th match, arises OCLAE move towards unity and insertion into the new concepts of line integration organizations such as the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), “and in the struggle against imperialism” (read “American”) one of the founding principles of the OCLAE.

The brand even “president” of this organization made ​​it clear that: “We must hold high the banners of our movement against those governments that implement the commercialization of education.”

Lighter or water! A sovereign governments to implement policies contrary to those defending “DGI boys”, they apply the formula of ungovernability forced through violent demonstrations and roadblocks, as we know that has been his usual method over time.

But what a coincidence that news !, Havana correspondent of Associated Press is not whole.

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