Publicado: Wed, 27 Aug, 2014

Repressors in trouble

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Havana. It is possible that the publication of this article, the largest of the Cuban political police, Ortelio Abrahantes Bacallao, who defected in March this year, continue at the expense of deportation.

Over 5 months ago that is in the detention center, Carmichael Rd, Nassau, Bahamas, after the sailing ship which was traveling to the Florida Keys was intercepted by U.S. Coast Guard.

Now the beleaguered official Ministry of Interior (Interior Ministry) asked for leniency. A gesture that thought ever staging in the fourteen years he spent in the service of the entity in charge of terrorizing the population.

How many have committed vile acts in Cuba, the man who prays for admission to the country that certainly stigmatized in dozens of acts of revolutionary reaffirmation and who knows if the house also against some opposition, as part of the mob that calls for lynching ?

Then be up and mea culpa or maybe opt for dispatching stories where their liability be limited to work without any repressive bureaucratic involvement.

It is impossible to believe that an official of the Interior Ministry has been able to stay out of the purposes for which the institution was created: to ensure obedience to the leaders of the party and the government at any cost.

So Abrahantes is guilty of several crimes. Certainly have to try them in court, but that is not a complication, compared to a man who occupied the headquarters of the Provincial Unit of Maritime and Naval military agency in Ciego de Avila.

So it was not an official single. Having reached this level involves outstanding notes in the defense of the ideology that rules the destinies of the country since 1959.

Their fate is hanging by a thread. If definitely return to the island, known to expect a long sentence for “treason”.
Anyway the issue is not over.

A Coral Gables attorney took over legal representation and on the other hand federal congressman Cuban, Ileana Ross Lehtinen, recently sent a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon to intercede in the case .

Two influential personalities to avoid deportation.
The defection of the greater Abrahantes, is not the first nor the last. More than twenty of their coreligionists is safe in the land of Uncle Sam.

An indicator to not lose hope of covering the Nassau-Miami route, though, away from his wife and daughter would hostage in Cuba.

The circumstances tip the balance toward forgiveness. All repressors not pay their guilt. Moral condemnation is the wisest in a scenario where we are all guilty by omission or commission.

Forgiving executioners can be relatively easy. Forgetting all the cruelties in the name of a revolution that destroyed the country, no.
Hopefully get Abrahantes fly to freedom. Consider that his repentance is genuine. As they have shaped who preceded him.

Your corrections and generosity “enemy” can avoid a return to the pack which was part and would not hesitate to turn it into a heap.

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