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“Batteries and boots on”

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Periodistas Havana. After several rounds of conversations, the delay in the concretion of the relationships Cuba-USA begins to generate uncertainties and, for moments, of this side of the bank it seems to have died the frenzy that woke up in the town the news about the politics’ change announced by the president Barak Obama, last December 17.

In general, the most comprehensive theory hurtles on the candlestick the lack of the national government’s intention of reaching immediate and definitive agreements with the natural enemy of the last half century. For the majority of people, Raúl Castro, by means of his negotiators, with demands difficult to please seeks to make drowsy the process until creating the bases that allow the political system to resist the penetration of the capitalist effect.

But, the most elementary good sense indicates that after the brave actions of the North American leader, there is a strategic plan made in advance with the advisory of a work team able to foresee the reactions and requirements that can arise. Rather, the delay of the understanding and the reserved reports and official statements of the official press, in general terms, accuse that the diplomatic exchange is in a phase of exchanges, mandatory assimilations and compensation prerogatives that should happen inadvertent to the public opinion.

Consequent with the direction of the political struggle, nobody doubts that very soon new tricks would appear with illusion effect to please the Creole citizenship as long as other moles are identified that justify part of the old negligences and begin to load with those that are to come. But the bilateral relationships are moving ahead, both for biological and historical circumstances; the fruit is mature and ready to fall. Also, Obama has already said it.

With the arrival of the zero hour, it would be opportune to value what costs and concrete benefits can bring to the ordinary Cubans that shake of hands between Washington and Havana. And it is because the changes will always be the hall of a new future, but not obligatorily that of the progress. In the best sense in the word, we will have to remain very attentive, because you never end up being so bad that you cannot be worse.

Para el gremio de periodistas independientes, la vuelta a la página pone en suspense la continuidad y expansión de lo logrado, tanto por lo bueno como por lo malo que traerá el “paquete”.

For the union of independent journalists, the turn to the page puts in suspense the continuity and expansion of that achieved, as much for the good thing as for the bad thing that he/she will bring the “package.”

The diplomatic arrangement between the two nations should mark a modulation point in the work object and civic fight of the internal opposition. In favor of our growth, the pronouncements of North America turn for the empowerment of the civil society, with the leading movement of communicators.

For cause and effect it seems unlikely that the strengthening of the alliance takes place in different ways, because as a consequence of the facts witnessed in the last decade, for the polemic circles it would be like going backwards not to thicken the fumes of the manifestation that has proven to be more successful facing the abuses of the regime.

Nevertheless, other situations on the board point to transform any order beneficiary of the influence that can be exercised by the USA.

There are three medullary questions that would condition the development of the union and the depth of the service to lend, and that ahead of time reinforce the insertion context to the amalgam of movements that would generate the supposed changes.

First of all, it is clear that in any case the political fundamental guidelines of the regime will happen to prevail, maintaining in the calendar the mechanisms of repression against the journalism coldness.

To remedy the oppression toward the free opinion, until today continues being an inaccessible matter to the external factors. According to the censorship urgencies, the aggressions toward our communicators can be shot until extreme tones, similar to what happened on April, 2003.

Another negative component comes off of the intentions of the State of maintaining handcuffed the public opinion. The bet consists on “burning the straws” and re-address the tasks of the Union of Cuban Journalists, so it tunes with the international tendencies of the democratic journalism.

Particularly, and step by step you begin to see, critical new lines are cultivated approaching topics of urgent interest. Although, at first, it is understood that the strategy is a curtain of fume, with inconstant critics in a constructive sense, so that the company walks for feasible roads it urges to mitigate the effects that can be created by the independent press in competitor’s condition and that of a sector which is ready to clean the made up personal affairs.

A third inconvenience to the independent journalism underlies in the own context of the change. Since the times prior to the invention of the printing, the press, made and marketed in an insipid way has been already a particular business in growth.

Of course, the opening to the capitalist entrepreneurs also includes the sector that is devoted to the press and other lucrative forms of communication in between. As a latent possibility we would have to contemplate a future competition to three bands, among the official journalism, the independent one and the one that will arrive representing the huge international means.

Beyond the support that we can receive from Non Government international Organizations or from the same protector of Notes, it is appreciable that in this confrontation we leave in clear disadvantage.

But these are only concerns and approachesfrom a modest colleague. Troubles, of all nature, have been the only thing that commonly we have had, and even so we coexist every time with more presence.

In any case, prevention the best form of protecting us. For the time being, without stopping to sleep with a closed and other open eye, let us look for the possibility to upgrade and train us to take the work that we make up to superior levels. That would certainly will be the best crop, and the best defense tool before any adverse situation.

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