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Víctimas del Remolcador Havana. Almost 18 years ago, while I waited with my television before the workshop of repairs of electronic appliances at the Altahabana neighborhood, an individual approached, and seemingly, without any waste of time, he began to speak to me about the Naval Base of Guantánamo and of the United States.

This fellow, who later on I knew was named Fernando Correa, assured that if the base would not be returned on its centennial (2003) under the American flag, it would be taken on force.

He said that the United States was a very powerful enemy and that to fight against it, it was necessary to use any method. And on that sense he asserted: “Those fires that are taking place in Florida are just an example of what we can make against them. Many of the persons who go there are sent so that they are there in the moment to act against that country.”

Almost at the end of his threatening dialogue, this character narrated that he had been in Vietnam, after the war was over, heading a brigade of bridges maintenance, and that to the moment of the collapse of the Soviet Union the idea existed of creating, in the communist countries, the category of international workers vanguards.

When asking him, are you then a builder? he responded: “Yes, but I am also colonel of the Security of the State”
Whatever the justification might be, when fires are provoked by political reasons, that is terrorism.

Some time ago I interviewed a former commandant of the Rebellious Army, who Fidel Castro gave the grades in public act on January 28, 1959, who was missing a hand and the two legs; he was mutilated when two bombs he was trying to place in inhabited houses of the city of Artemisa exploded on him. He asserted: “This revolution was made with the help of terrorism.”

That asseveration is very difficult of disqualifying because it is widely known that the revolutionaries under Castro’s control to arrive to the power placed bombs in dissimilar public places, and a number of policemen were murdered at the entrance of their homes, foreign sportsmen were kidnapped, and an infinite quantity of sabotages against the rail and electric system of the country were made, and in general against the economic basement of the nation.

But once in power, terrorism continued; and the gradation has gone from thousands of shootings for political questions, until cruel “acts of rejection” against peaceful opponents and the murder of 42 people, eleven of them children, in the sinking of a tug to prevent them to arrive to the costs of Florida.

However, this Thursday United States took out the name of the island from the list of States Sponsors of Terrorism. Congratulations! Hopefully it may serve so that in Cuba the old terrorists paralyzed in the power, give less bitter fruits

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