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Reflection about journalism during the tyranny of Batista

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Foto tomada de Internet Havana. Communist and anticommunist, left people, of center and right, they know that the government of Fulgencio Cambric was a tyranny and that the “democracy” was quoted, but the freedom of the press, although it was also quoted it existed.

That press had more autonomy during Machadato, then, with the coup d’etat of Fulgencio Cambric, it diminished, but the that time journalists got ready them to deceive to the censorship. I will always remember, among other forms of criticizing to the tyranny that weekly space in the magazine Bohemia in the section cartoons with “THE SINISTER” MAN. And for on all the things, with indirect or direct articles, Bohemia that responded from time to time to a Cuban bourgeoisie achieved and it was able to reflect the reality of the country during the tyranny of Cambric.

The Cuban town of those days had not known the worst thing, so most of the social existent classes were anti batistianos.
It is already known that two types of Dictatorships, the hard ones and the soft ones exist. In the hard ones they torture you and they kill you shamelessly, in the soft ones they torture you and they kill you with silk gloves.

The difference between the tyranny of Cambric and Fidel’s Dictatorship resides in that the outrages that it made Cambric the press had certain legal authorization to give them to know to the public opinion; while in Fidel’s Dictatorship the outrages of the High Control, are not not only of the public domain, but rather they never arrive to a free press for two reasons: in Cuba a press free to the service of the town doesn’t exist but to the service of the ruling group headed by its maxim it figures: Fidel Castro Ruz, and the second reason is because the only press that yes it is free he/she doesn’t have legal consideration and it is observed by the totalitarian authorities as a mercenary press to the service of powers foreigners.

However and moving away from the topic of the free press: when Fidel took the Power he received nuclear weapons of the Russian and, according to his later own declarations, it was willing to invade the United States of America nuclearly although the island of Cuba disappeared.

Some journalists tried to denounce the massacre of Moncada, but many articles were censored, but other yes they could be published.

If it had not been because during the tyranny of Cambric it really existed certain free journalism and certain “democracy” the former president Fidel he/she had never ended up transforming into the leader of the Revolution, especially if Cambric had been a Fidel.

Apart from that the destination pre conditioned by a great percent is maybe, Fidel owes the life to Pedro Tartabul Sarría, and why not, to the quoted freedom of the press that it existed, but freedom of the press finally.

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