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Cleaning of tuneless voices in Azerbaijan

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Tomada de internet (3) Havana. On Jul y 4 the investigation journalist Khadija Ismayilova completed seven months of political confinement in a cell of the jail in Kurdakhani, Azerbaijan. According to the lawyers defending the case, she is accused of “false embezzlement charges, illegal businesses, fiscal escape and abuse of power.” In spite of the support that she receives from international organizations and the protests of solidary groups that demand for all Europe her freedom, everything looks like she will purge a long sentence.

Ismayilova was sent to prison after denouncing the corruption existing in the high spheres of the regime headed by Ilham Aliyev. After sending from the penitentiary to the press means a letter where she reveals the continuity of the investigation and the accusations, thanks to the help of colleagues, she has been confined to a helpless isolation cell, deprived from receiving the visit of her relatives and the consultations of her lawyers.

In the letter, published by the New York Times among other media, the journalist comments that Azerbaijan is suffering a huge crisis of human rights”, and she continues saying that “while those of the elite class continue taking out profit from the corruption, the ordinary people have to fight to work, to live, and to be free.”

Since her detention, campaigns of the organization Sport for Right in all Europe, try to inform to the world of the accusations that the most powerful circles in Bakú try to silence.

Mentioned by , Rebeca Vincent, member of Sport for Right and a former diplomatic also known as Aliyev expressed that “Ismayilova is one of the many detainees rsulting for the cleaning of tuneless voices that the government made.”

On the other hand, the association Reporteros sin Fronteras -RSF -, accused that while the old continent concentrated on the opening of the I European Games, inaugurated in Bakú on the last June 12, the authorities continued the detention of communicators and dissident activists. It is estimated that the total figure of prisoners goes over 80.

The victims are recognized as the “political prisoners of the European Games “.

The government from Azerbaijan increased the crisis after prohibiting the entrance of International Amnesty – AI – who had foreseen to disembark in Bakú by the middle of June. The NGO hoped to be able to present a report on the violations to laws and the citizen’s elementary rights.

The Director of the Program of AI in the region, accuses the government of maintaining 22 prisoners of conscience at least in the penal system, among them Khadija Ismayilova who is also the winner of several prizes for her investigation works on the state corruption in construction works in Bakú. This type of prisoners is prosecuted charged with accusations as traffic of drugs, corruption and betrayal. But the motive of her detentions responds to ideological reasons, because they have not practiced or declared common crimes.

Likewise, AI affirms to possess details on over 90 cases of harassments, intimidation and arbitrary detention to journalists and critical of the Azerbaijan state.

The former Soviet nation occupies the position 156 in the freedom of speech index that RSF carries out, only surpassed in negativity by a small group of totalitarian regimes in Cuba.

The Barometer of the Freedom of the press, also in possession of the French NGO reports that in 2015 33 journalists and five civic communicators in Internet died for murder or in suspicious circumstances,

Until today, 153 journalists and 175 civic communicators remain imprisoned.

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