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Letters of a long failure to the editorial board

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DSCN1045 Havana. Not Raúl Castro knew the consequences that would have his words, those that he pronounced in September of 2007, when it urged the Cubans to speak clear:

¨ Everything that is wanted to speak, with courage, with sincerity and without many illusions that we are magicians and we will solve the problems¨.

It was then that it arose, suddenly and surprisely, every Friday of the week, the section Letters to the Editorial Board, in Granma newspaper, the organ of the Communist Cuban Party. Did Granma leave a boring press , maybe behind where the government secretism makes his best in each line that the official journalists write?

None of that. Letters to the editorial are a section where the ordinary Cubans not only outlines their problems that by the way are many, but also the failure of the Revolution.

Last Friday July 24, in the page 11, the same thing is repeated: The wait of eyeglasses, ¨ TV box ¨ that doesn’t arrive, the burocratism of the housing, the paved route of the orthopedic footwear, the drains, the absence of the national press.

Will it be cynic to publish the same of a long failure year per year?

Much earlier than that, in 1994, the independent press had arisen in Cuba, through the page web of CubaNet, thanks to that extraordinary woman and journalist Rosa Berre, in the exile from 1980.

It was an example of value and honesty, of journalistic ethics, those dozens of women and men that challenged to the dictatorship and their strong repression and they wrote the truth of all that happened in the country.

Were those independent journalists, today triplicated in quality and quantity who forced the dictator successor to transform the official press?

Ni aún con Cartas a la Dirección, escritas y enviadas por el cubano de a pie, llenas de quejas, duros reproches a organismos estatales y sobre todo, frustración, desanimo, pesimismo, pueden compararse con lo escrito durante veintiún años por la prensa independiente, la que siempre ha llamado al pan pan y al vino, vino.

Not even with Letters to the Editorial, written and sent by the ordinary Cubans, full with complaints, hard complaints about the State bodies and mainly, frustration, I discourage, pessimism, can they be compared with that written during 21 years for the independent press, the one that has always talk with the truth.

If Raúl Castro had wanted to obtain for his new government a better lacking press, truly critical, of triumph airs, like he said of the official one, today would be the independent press the one that would occupy the pages of Granma, Juventud Rebelde, etc., and Cuba could have a true press means.

But not, everything is pure demagoguery. Theydo not even notice that the most curious in the case, is that with the section Letters to the Editorial, which demonstrated that the same problems that the Cuban outlined one Friday, other Cubans reflect them again on the next Friday. This way during almost one decade.

Not will it be that is the system what doesn’t work? The problems that the country suffers are not the same ones of 55 years ago?
While the official journalists don’t discover the damage that they are making to the Homeland, since they say that they are patriots, the Homeland will continue torn, scruffy, unstitched and ragged and the ordinary Cubans will be famished and apathetic.

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