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Ethical disaster

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SOCIALES (66) Havana. The official journalism is full with debts, especially because of the contextual balance that offers the reported phenomena and the way of representing – in case that all are included – the parts involved in the facts that compose these phenomena. And there is a lot still missing because, contrary to the independent sector – for example -, it is totally formed with the  interdisciplinary programs of the pyramid of professional formation of the educational national system, being endowed of the necessary tools to exercise qualitatively to the height of the international most demanding tendencies.

The “official” term itself surrounds the basics of the deficiencies. To work like an absolute extension of the channels of communication of the regime, limits any sufficiency that can exist in the composition of the union. Not in vain, in the democratic systems settle down laws that impede, to the political forces linked to the State, to execute its domain on the media and their editorial politicians.

The omission of events of common interest and the nimbleness with which the specialized debate spaces are approached leave a sensation of journalistic induced dimness.

Fundamentally, the perception that above the obligation of satisfying the demand of information, there is a moral categorization that defines the printing freedoms and expression, takes out of the borders that the factory of the media product has a manipulating reality directed to control the opinion states. The ideological filters value that ignorance can be bad for the population, but it can be worse for the system that it can be instructed too much.

What can be informed and how much of it is convenient to be known is always selected through a moral estimate – not always proportional to the ethical thing – about the phenomena and the behavior of people, recreating an eternal image of the “good and of the wrong” in which is measured the political, ideological and religious posture of all men.

Expedite it is the journalist’s function in the non-forbidden means. An infinite move is played among those that take the reins and those that have to head articles with its name, in relation to what is indicated and what should be made.

In this point the professional audacity of the necessity of subsistence is ended, and there begins the practice of a morale in “underpants” where not only the communicators, but the intellectuals in general, undergo the ordinances to win the right of opting for the projects that leave some change in foreign currency.

Be the opportunists or halberdiers, it is easy to detect when the contents are corrupted. The same analysts political now flirt the northern neighbor so many times reprehended, or that sport commentators lose the thread of the narration of a show to make an ode to the five Cuban spies. The professionals of the official journalism, many considered the best, use the apology to climb in the media.

In the meantime, during the process of gambling, the quality of the transmitted final product is undermined. The option of reaching personal conclusions is extirpated by the methodology of a precocious and obscene journalism that communicates everything but what it is truthful and useful.

Not a single gender or thematic exists that is approached with the required fullness. The informative reports arise when the topics already swarm in the popular language; they are approached like a measure to counteract the comments on the streets. As for the depth of the analyses and the investigations, despite the official journalists they have access to the ideal sources, they don’t go straight to the problematic – otherwise they are not published – and they offer results prosecuted by multi-repeated formulas that don’t surpass the theoretical effects.

Enough dust is poured above, so that it doesn’t go to the surface to those uncomfortable matters and those that being the same be expressed in different speeches the details that escape from the authorized page.

The promotion of untimely censorships is disparagingly sustained in the three-side representation of the union, a counterpart that operates without more evaluations than the positive or negative reactions of the readers. The perennial evaluation of the end and the media used to get it conditions any exponential logic of the objective functions of the journalism and of the media.

The triumphalist modality seems to be the only variant to reflect the national reality, as well as a great ability that occasionally is used to endorse expiatory guilts.

Hablar de oficialismo, en los términos periodísticos de la Cuba castrista, equivale a la supresión de lo elementalmente ético. Niega la tolerancia a la diversidad en la más preliminar forma de crítica o de pensamiento desarraigado a las bases ideológicas y totalitarias del régimen. Viene a ser una fase superior e institucionalizada de perpetuar y suavizar ante la opinión pública internacional, el silencio cómplice que una vez aceptamos como pueblo.

To speak of an official media, in the journalistic terms of Castro´s Cuba, is equal to the suppression of the most elemental ethics. It denies the tolerance to the diversity in the most preliminary forms of critics or thoughts eradicated from the ideological and totalitarian bases of the regime. It comes to be a superior and institutionalized phase to perpetuate and to soften before the public international opinion, the accomplice silence that once we accepted as a people.

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