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A reader’s memories

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Revista Bohemia Havana. Emma Pérez González Téllez Murcia, Spain. Spanish daughter of a Cuban military lived and made her first studies in Santa Clara. Graduate of Pedagogy in the University of Havana. Poet and Journalist,

Among the big journalists that made of Magazine Bohemia the weekly best publication not alone in Cuba, but also in all Spanish America, Emma Pérez was the author of De Ud También Diremos Algo, an extensive section, from three to four pages, where she was in charge of actual international cultural topics, developed with wide domain of matters and the conversational interesting tone that featured her.

As we know, the main topic of the publication was the political life of the country, and it was concentrated on the famous section En Cuba,out of which some articles have been published in the last years among us. However, Emma’s work, widely worthy, it has not been reissued.

Avid adolescent, I found in her lines the first references to the contemporary theater, from O’Neil until Virgilio Piñera, George Bernard Shaw, Antón Chejov and the rest of the Russian big writers of the XIX century. In general, I understood little, but I was finding out, and that was important. Emma was not arrogant neither didactic, but she instructed. I think there was in her pages where I had the first news of almost all the big figures of the western world.

Being the wife of writer Carlos Montenegro, I see her as a left woman, and not a militant of the communist orthodoxy. Neither I can assure that, as Montenegro, Emma has participated in an active way in the Spanish Civilian War, but of her opposition to the Franquismo I am sure, because the Falangists didn’t write in Bohemia.

Emma offered her residence in the Reparto Nuevo Vedado, so that the command that kidnapped Juan Manuel Fangio can hide it in Havana. I remember to have seen pictures in the same Magazine, both of the house as of the car, a Nash Rambler, calledLa Gorriona.

I have liked to accompany this evocation with a minimum sample of her work, but our Government, no matter how much they declare to be promoters of the culture, have blocked the free access to the Hemeroteca of the National Library, an institution transformed for many years into a mere dependence of Central Committee of the Communist Party whose supposed investigators are the only ones authorized to consult that treasure. Once again, God gives the chances to…..

By the middle of the sixties, foreseeing the decantation of the Process toward the Socialism, both Emma as her husband left Cuba. From then on, we have not enjoyed among us such wise and delicious cultural pages again. I have enough with their memory to appreciate them infinitely.

Emma died in the City of Miami, whereshe resided, in 1988.


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