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An all-terrain journalist: Rafael Conte Mayolino

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Tomada de internet Havana. Born in Marianao, on January 1877 and deceased in Havana on February 25, 1930. In his 53 years of intense life this versatile journalist practically embraced all the fields of the human chore, ranging from History to Sports. Exceptionally gifted for the domain of the languages, still today the Cuban journalists is considered the most traveling of Cuban journalist, because he traveled to the five continents, with eyes and attentive hearings to the multiple human happenings.

He left, besides his press work, the most diverse books where he dealt with historical topics until his impressions of an indefatigable traveler: the War of Races, and Napoleon’s Marshals and American Impressions are some of them. He acted as a Correspondent of war during First World War for several Cuban newspapers. He cultivated with grace humorism, for what he is of considered a precursor of other excellent journalists, as Miguel de Marcos and Eladio Secades.

Another of his peculiar features was his domain of the graphic occupation, since he was capable not only of writing but of carrying out all the printing works, standing out as a printing technician.

Born in the middle of a family of the occupation, his brother José Pepe Conte was also a well-known sport columnist and his nephew Antonio recently died for in Miami, always stood out as a passionate poet and he acted as an editor of the news service at CubaNet, the first international difusor of the independent Cuban press.

In the Havana populous town of Lawton he still serves his services at the Sport Field Rafael Conte, inaugurated in the last century 40´s decade by the General Division of Sports the presided over Jaime Mariné. This ball stadium witnessed the first strikes of Luis Tiant and José Miguel Pineda, as well as the first homeruns of Rigoberto Fuentes.

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