Publicado: Mon, 8 May, 2017

Cuba’s Free Press Faces New Challenges Through Repression By The Castro Regime

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The Association for Free Press (APLP) has released its 2016 report on the State of Press Freedom in Cuba.

The APLP acknowledges there may have been attacks on journalists and violations of freedom of the press not included in this report, due to
recurrent hostility against independent, civil society organizations in Cuba.

The Cuban press faced a year of contradictions in 2016. There was some good news: there were more independent media than ever before,
more diverse editorial lines and more information becoming available day by day.

Sadly, 2016 was mostly a year of bad news overall. Attacks on the press have increased.

Two journalists, José Antonio Torres, a former Granma correspondent and Yoenni de Jesús Guerra García, of Yayabo Press, remain in jail and access
to several digital websites, such as Cubanet, Diario de Cuba and 14yMedio, remains blocked.

Worse, a new method of repression has appeared, the confiscation of essential equipment for a journalist.

Furthermore, Cuba’s current law does not guarantee freedom of the press.


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