The last frontier of the repression

 Havana. The trips of Cuban opponents to the exterior put to the overdraft the subordination from the national institutionalism a flowchart of power that responds exclusively Leer...

Repressors in trouble

Havana. It is possible that the publication of this article, the largest of the Cuban political police, Ortelio Abrahantes Bacallao, who defected in March this year, continue Leer...

History of a peaceful opposition whose lives remain marked by repression

New Way to Vegas, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, April 25, 2014. Soraida Hernández Pérez is a more of the Cubans. He was born on December 27, 1963 in Santa Clara, poor peasant Leer...

The native mother goes back in democracy

Havana. The contractual mechanisms of the Spanish democracy are sunk in an institutional deep crisis, after the representation legalized by the people for the administration Leer...

Cleaning of tuneless voices in Azerbaijan

Havana. On Jul y 4 the investigation journalist Khadija Ismayilova completed seven months of political confinement in a cell of the jail in Kurdakhani, Azerbaijan. According Leer...

The newspapers vendors

Havana. A character missing today in our popular atmosphere is the street vendor of newspapers. They used to make their Leer...

Cuba is getting old

Santiago de las Vegas, October. In Cuba, according to the official data, life expectancy at birth is 78 years; Leer...

Writer and journalist

Havana. A very fine thread divides the journalist and the writer. Ernest Hemingway was able to...

The journalist that was president of Cuba for 6 hours

Havana. In this month of August 28 the 143birthday of Márquez Sterling is celebrated (1872 -1934)...

Gastón Baquero

 Havana. José Gastón Eduardo Baquero Díaz was born on May 4, 1914 in Banes, Holguín. He...

Magazine La Quincena

Encouraged by the Basque priest Ignacio Biaín, it was undoubtedly the Catholic best publication during the Leer...

An all-terrain journalist: Rafael Conte Mayolino

Havana. Born in Marianao, on January 1877 and deceased in Havana on February 25, 1930. In his 53 years of intense..

Revista Social

Old Havana. . The Social magazine circulated in our country from 1916 up to 1938 standing out quickly as a literary..

APLP welcomes position on the release of Cuban journalist José Antonio Torres

The Association for Free Press (APLP) believes that the Cuban State fulfilled its duty by releasing journalist Leer...

Open letter to Barack H. Obama

President of the United States of America The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 March 7, 2016 Havana,..

No Freedom of the Press Under Either Castro

Press freedom cannot exist in a totalitarian system, and Cuba is no exception. Despite the transition of power from one Castro..

Journalist of the exile

Havana. Long lines of Cuban journalists, whose voices were known in the whole island during the Republic, went towards the political..


Havana. Almost 18 years ago, while I waited with my television before the workshop of repairs of electronic appliances at the..

Brilliant Eladio Secades

Havana. I do not I know any journalist more peculiar than Eladio Secades. This man that was born in the initial..

Journalism Contest

“NEWSPAPER” (papel periódico) The APLP (Association for Press Freedom) announces the “Papel Periodico” jouurnalism contest. Every cuban journalist or blogger is..

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