The newspapers vendors


Havana. A character missing today in our popular atmosphere is the street vendor of newspapers. They used to make their sales in a traveling way. Theyproclaimed their merchandise in a live voice. They loaded with big bundles of copies inside a cardboard, which was hung of the shoulder by ropes. They took in general more than a publication, because they Leer...

por Jorge L Gonzlez Suarez | Publicado 2 years atrás
Por Cuba Prensa Libre el Monday, 21 October, 2013
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Cuba is getting old

Santiago de las Vegas, October. In Cuba, according to the official data, life expectancy at birth is 78 years; but that means that the population is older and older every time … Out of the over 11 million inhabitants, Leer...

Por Cuba Prensa Libre el Tuesday, 27 August, 2013
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Around 1400 teachers wanted in Camaguey for next course

Havana. The central-east province of Camagüey will face for the next course (2013-14) a deficit of 1 400 teachers in the different levels of teaching as reported late on June by the Adelante journal, the Communist Leer...